Actarius, 56.

Adamklissi, caligae on the monument of 150.

Aerarium. See Treasure Vault.

Aesica, fort of granary at, 60; commandant's quarters at, 63; altar found at, 72; baths at, 88; armour scales found at, 160.

Agricola, Newstead occupied during the campaign of 7; the line of advance of, 8; his skill in fortification, 25; the composition of his force, 73; invasion of 343; no permanent conquest by, 344.

Aisne, Caesar's camp on the, use of the clavicula at, 26.

Ala Augusta Vocontiorum, 75, 141.

Ala quingenaria, strength of an, 75.

Albanus of the Asturian Ala, phalerae on the harness on the gravestone of 299. ALBUCIANUS, pottery of at Birrens, 270.

Alesia, ditches at, 23; stirrup found at, 280; bridlebit found at, 296.

Alexander II., charter by King, 14.

Algeria, penannular brooches worn in, 327.

Aljustrel, Spain, prices for admission to a bath from a tablet at, 102 (1).

Allen, Mr. Romilly, on the penannular type of brooch, 327.

Allius, C., phalerae on the tombstone of 176.

Almond, River, pits in its bank, 105.

Altars from Newstead, 140.

Amber bead, 337.

Amboglanna, fort of Dacian swords on tablet from, 184. See also Birdoswald.

Amphorae, contents of 268; stamps on, 269.

Andernach, Cemetery of; pottery of La Graufesenque at, 193; type of fibula occurring in the, 325.

Anderson, Dr. Joseph, on weaving in the brochs, 290.

Animals, 110.

Animal remains, Appendix II., Equidae, 362; Bovidae: Sheep and goats, 371; oxen, 374; other animals and birds, 376. Appendix III., Canidae, 378.

Annexes, 86.

Anthée, Villa of ornament on fibula from, 336.

Antlers of red deer employed for shafts and picks, 314; carved discs made from, 314.

Antoninus Pius, coins of found, 341; Appendix V., gold, 386; silver, 397; brass, 412.

Antony, Mark, legionary denarii of 341; Appendix V., 388.

Anvil, the mowers', 284; small, 186.

Apollo, altar to, 143.

Aquincum, inscription at, 55.

Archers on Trajan column, 160.

Arch stones, 145.

Ardoch, fort of complicated entrance at, 20; more than one occupation of 78; pits at, 105; pottery of two periods at, 271.

Arezzo, pottery of 191; the Krater form at, 201.

Arles, wall of 36.

Arlon, tombstone at, 88; wheeled vehicles on monuments at, 294; harness, 295.

Armamentaria, 56.

Armlets of glass, fragments of, 337.

Armour, 155. See Lorica.

Arras, Yorkshire, Late Celtic linch pins from grave at, 315.

Arrian, τεχνη τακτικη of, cited, 172.

Arrow-points, 189.

Ass, remains of the, 374.

Ateius, pottery of 192.

Atticus Dometius, name of on phalerac, 174.

Auchendavy, fort of altars dedicated by a centurion at, 74 (1).

Augsburg, helmet from, 166.

Augustus, coins of found, 341; Appendix V., silver, 388; brass, 401.

Aurelius, Marcus, coins of found, 341; Appendix V., silver, 398; brass, 413.

Auvergne, potteries of the Arverni in, 193.

Auxiliary, arms of the, 184.

AVENTINUS, fragment of bowl of terra sigillata by, 226. See also Potters, list of marks.