A pair of hollow brass mountings, very similar in character to those from Arras, were found many years ago at Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, and are now in the National Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh. These may perhaps be regarded as evidence of the use of such Celtic linch pins north of the border.

Figs. 4, 10 and 13 of Plate LXXXIV. have been mentioned in dealing with sword hilts, with which they have some affinity. Fig. 3, a thin brass plate, is in shape not unlike a gold object found at York in a grave, where it had evidently been deposited as part of a woman's headdress. Fig. 7 is a thin piece of brass, showing stamped decoration, while Fig. 8 is a heavy brass mounting, for which it is difficult to suggest a use. It is a hollow casting quite unfinished on the interior. Externally, however, it has been carefully smoothed and polished. In the centre is a hollow projection, part of which is broken away, and at either end there is an expansion. There is no trace of any device for attaching it to wood or metal. Fig. 9 is a hollow hemispherical object of brass with a hole bored in the bottom. It is from Pit XXVI. Fig. 5 is a rudely fashioned ring of bronze from Pit LX.